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Western Europe to Eastern Europe

Our relations from Western Europe to Eastern Europe

Logistik in den russisch sprachigen Raum
Transports 0,5 – 25,0 to
Semitrailer 13,6 m long
Saddle – Thermo 13,6 m long
Cool / Frigo Saddle 33 x euro
Jumbo Transport 100-120 m³
Eastern Europe – Logistics
Services of all kinds
Distribution – Logistics
Lehnert & What

Fachspedition for the Russian speaking countries

Kazakhstan * Russia
* Belarus
* Ukraine *Lithuania* Latvia
* Estonia

Transportation – of + after
Eastern Europe

Storage – Logistics 08538 Gutenfürst

Available: Headquarters
Tel:. +49 (0)9281 140190 – Fax 1401950

Fachspedition for the Russian speaking countries

Stagnation means regression, In this trite at first sight, wisdom is much truth. Above all, the firms and companies in Western Europe can sing a song like this, especially as the domestic markets are saturated as well as in the coming years is likely only a modest or no economic growth.

Therefore, it can be for all companies in Germany and other Western countries, who want to grow significantly in the future, only one way to give, and in the East of Europe. Each, share of the projected double-digit growth in Eastern Europe will, must focus first on the Russian market and the Russian-speaking countries. Despite the decline of the former Soviet bloc, is the influence of Russia to all other Member States of the former Soviet Union is still very large.

For companies, wanting to establish themselves in the huge Russian market, is a simultaneous presence in other Eastern European thoroughly recommended. To their ambitious Zieleverwirklichen to, Companies need competent partners, who care professional about all issues outside of their own core competence. In this context, must be staffed mainly the field of transport logistics by an experienced in the Russian and Russian-speaking region Partners.

Lehnert & What. is the logistics partner for Eastern Europe, here mainly to Russia and Russian speaking countries, such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The truck fleet of Lehnert & Co.., consists of semi-trailers with a length of up to 13,6 Meters or jumbo vans, up to 120 Cubic meters to the east and move back to. Even the transport of food or medicine is for Lehnert & What. no problem, Here are cool / Frigo trailer trucks for transportation of up to 33 Pallets or trucks and thermal disposal, For example, can ensure compliance with the cold chain.

Of course, Lehnert has & What. far more than the actual transportation logistics to and from Eastern Europe to offer, added the storage of goods and commodities, and the fine distribution site. Other strengths of the company are mainly the services of all kinds, incurred for the purpose of logistic activities in the Russian economy and Russian influence.

A very special challenge today is still the customs clearance of commodities and goods to be transported in both directions. Each, has ever had the dubious pleasure, to deal with the Russian customs to be allowed, is more than happy and thankful, that Lehnert & What. is also about taking care professional. Visit the site Balkan Transport